A friend is a good member of your soul that you can run to whenever you need it. Life can't be done without a good friend by your side, so you need to protect your friends or cultivate and create other good friends with quality and quantity. It is certain that if you follow these steps you will make many useful friends in no time

1. Avoid Arguments

Friends, if you avoid arguments, is it the path that will help you understand each other better? Argument is what separates two people who love each other and what separates two who don't know each other.

2. Use good speech

Using good speech will make it easier for the person who does not know you to approach you and trust you with your good speech and see you as a useful person and it is possible for your friend to seek advice from you because you are a positive thinker.

3. Avoid anger

if you have a quick temper try to change that behavior and avoid anger and always be open and happy.

4. Avoid Arrogance and Arrogance

Arrogance and arrogance are one of the things that distance you from people who know you and those who do not know you. It's not good for you, so try to fix that problem.

5. Respect people's opinions

When you are in forums where friends gather and exchange jokes, try to respect the opinions of your friends and never say that someone else's opinion is wrong. SHAKESPEAR (a British writer) has already said that if you try to suppress our thoughts, we will try to use all our power to defend our thoughts? That being said, don't suppress or oppose your friend's opinion or show opposition to it.

6. Avoid too much criticism

Friends, too much criticism is not good and people hate each other. The criticism you are saying is true, because you are discouraging your friend who loves tea.

7. Be a good listener

If you want to be a good conversationalist, first of all be a good listener, let the person who is with you to speak, sweeten his speech so that he wants to continue talking and be happy.

8. Keep the middle of the conversation

don't be the one who interrupts the conversation, while the person who is with you is talking. not good for speech etiquette.

9. Treat all people equally

Don't be one of those who have a name, who makes people inferior, that behavior is the one that most of the people in the world have, but it is not one that you can earn many friends and treat them the same way. all people.

10. Keep the promise

The promise is one of the behaviors that can be learned as a human being by which you can become a respected person or you can be like thousands of Africans who fall behind on the promises made, so always know the promise

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